Tree and Shrub Program

Let Evergreen help your landscape plants reach their true potential

Evergreen’s Tree & Shrub Program is designed to produce maximum efficiency for healthy, beautiful growth.

3-4 Application Tree and Shrub Program

  • Dormant/Horticultural Oil – Controls overwintering insects such as scale, aphids and spider mites.
  • Spring Deep-Root Fertilization – Our specially formulated, deep-root, balanced fertilizer with iron/micronutrients encourages strong root and top growth; increases fruiting and flowering; and improves insect and disease resistance – thus making plants greener and healthier.
  • Late Summer Insect and Disease Control – Inspection and treatment to control seasonal insects and disease activity.
  • Early Winter Deep-Root Fertilization – The best time to feed your landscape’s trees and shrubs (after our summer’s devastating heat and drought stress) to help prevent winter injury.

*Note: Applications may change based on climatic and agronomic conditions to best suit the needs of your trees and shrubs.