Fire Ant Control

Are you losing the battle against fire ants?

As you know all-too-well, fire ants are a relentless enemy. They inflict a very painful, sometimes serious sting. They can also damage your home, including electrical outlets. Maybe you’ve tried over-the-counter chemicals or other lawn treatment products to control fire ants. But they generally only work for a short period of time and don’t prevent the fire ants from starting new colonies.

Get serious with Evergreen’s treatment for fire ant control.

Evergreen controls fire ants. Equally important, it prevents new colonies from forming for one full year. We use a granular insecticide that binds tightly to the soil. And unlike other treatments, our treatment continues to work regardless of rain.

One treatment, once a year, is all it takes.

What makes Evergreen’s treatment so unique is that it only needs to be professionally applied once a year and provides up to one year of control.