Benefits of Adding Lime to Your Lawn

Most people don’t think about the little things that can be done at home when working to grow your lawn. Adding lime to your yard can have many advantages that will help to grow your lawn natutally.

Adding lime to your lawn can help it to grow naturally.

Adding lime has many benefits including:

• Improves the quality of the soil to allow plants to grow and flourish.
• Soil nutrients become more readily available to be better utilized by the plants.
• Soil microbes and earthworms are more active at breaking down organic matter at a neutral pH level.
• Plants will be greener, stronger and will develop an improved and stronger root system.
• Lime is a great source of calcium, another nutrient that improves the growing conditions of lawns and landscapes.

How much lime is needed on a lawn?

It’s important to determine the pH of the soil before adding any amendments to the lawn.  That is why we take soil samples and have the soil tested at our local university soil lab. The exact amount should always be determined by a soil test. We find that usually in East Texas, rates of 10-50 pounds of lime per 1,000 sq. ft. is the standard rate for low pH soils.

The important thing to understand is that one application may be good for one to two years, but the material will be used up by the soil microbes and will also leach through the soil profile. That is why we test the soil and add amendments every other year as needed.

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